Essential Yoga Poses Everyone Should Practice


Yoga is one of the top work outs to relax, relieve, and boost the three things such as your body, mind and soul. It is the best ways to lose weight, glow your skin, and to make your body strong and flexible. It is the cheap and easy way to stay healthy both physically and mentally. These are the essential yoga poses everyone should practice.

1. CHILD’S POSE (BALASANA) for Shoulders and Back

balasana yoga pose

Child’s pose is one of the good poses for relieving your body’s physical and mental stress. It is essential yoga poses everyone should practice which helps in restoring the tension in your shoulders and also your back. As this pose includes your lower body it even strengthens your hips, ankles, and your thigh. Kneel down on your knees on the yoga mat. Keep them wider than your hips. Then lower your butts such that it touches your heels.  After that bent your torso downwards while you rest your forehead on the floor. While doing this, stretch your palms straight away from your head by them facing upwards. If you are a beginner, then keep a block under your hip as you do this pose.


ado-muka-shvanasana yoga pose

This is one of the essential yoga poses everyone should practice that helps strengthen your shoulders, arms and also your legs. This pose stretches out your spine and helps reduce the pain in your upper, middle and the lower back. This pose benefits the circulatory and also the lymphatic systems of your body through reversing the blood flow in your body by combating the effects of gravity on your body. For doing this pose, bent your body while keeping your palms and soles of your feet touching the ground. Keep the backbone flat and pullout the backs of your legs until your hamstrings permit. While you do this pose stretch your fingers and watch your feet.

3. VAJRASANA for Digestive Problems

vajrasana yoga pose

Vajrasana is one of the easiest poses. It is the best pose to solve your digestive problems, provides relief from sciatica. In this pose there is an obstruction of blood flow towards the lower part of your body such as your thigh. This causes an increase in the blood flow in the pelvic region and stomach. As a result this facilitates easy bowel movement and hence digestion. For doing this pose you just need to sit on the floor such that your butt touches the soles. Keep your back stretched. You should avoid doing this pose if your leg or your knee is injured.

4. CORPSE POSE (SAVASANA) to relieve from Stress and Depression

shavasana yoga pose

Savasana is very important essential yoga poses to relax your body and provides relief from stress, depression and tension. In order to do this pose, lie day in supine position on your yoga mat at the same time stretch your arms and leg. Close your eyes while you do this. Make your mind free of thoughts and breathe normally. This pose is called as corpse pose.

5. DANDASANA for Lower Back


Dandasana which is also called as staff pose make your back flexible as well as strengthens your lower back. You need to sit on the ground with your legs extended straight and erect your upper body. While you do this pull your buttocks back with the help of your hands. It is suggested that you do this pose while sitting on a blanket. This pose improves your body posture and also increases your stamina. This is the easy & essential yoga pose everyone should practice

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