8 Tips to Prevent Saggy Skin after Pregnancy

saggy skin after pregnancy
Women have been associated with the word, ‘BEAUTY’ for ages unknown. Beauty remains one among the top points in their priority list at all times. Pregnancy is a stage when women tend to lose control over many of their physical aspects, skin being the mainly affected aspect. Not only in the abdomen area but many parts in the body tend to show out sagging skin which causes a great concern. Here are some tips to prevent saggy skin after pregnancy.

1. Drink Plenty of Water


While water increases the elasticity of the skin, it also keeps the skin hydrated. Skin needs both elasticity and hydration to look healthy and glowing. Water helps to avoid skin sagging by acting as a curator on the skin. Drink plenty of water post delivery so your skin doesn’t look saggy anymore.

2. Breast Feed the Baby

baby feed

Breast feeding the baby takes care of quenching the baby’s hunger and thirst. It also burns calories in the mother’s body to a great extent. When calories are burnt, the mother tends to slim down which results in tightening of the sagging skin.

3. Physical Exercise

Exercises are always excellent solution to have control over the body. In consultation with your Medical Practitioner, understand the kinds of exercises you need to practice every day. Regularly exercising will help you shed those extra pounds and sagging skin, trimming you on all aspects. Go for strength training in particular, since it focuses in reducing the fat accumulated in the body and strengthening of muscles.

4. Protein Consumption


Protein rich foods have skin enriching nutrient named Collagen. The main responsibility of this nutrient is to firm up sagging skin. Eat nuts and grains that are rich in Protein to increase your skin’s elasticity levels. Push out the extra sagging skin and look attractive by regular consumption of proteins.

5. Use Skin Scrubs

Scrub the skin regularly with good quality of harmless scrubbers. This will help the skin shed the old cells which makes the skin look dull and sagging. While regular scrubbing enhances the blood flow in the areas concerned, it also increases the elasticity of the skin.

6. Massage Regularly


Massaging the areas where skin tends to sag also helps to tighten up the skin and increase the elasticity. Use good moisturizers or essential oils to the skin for gaining its original texture.

7. Avoid Dieting

To jump back to the original shape, many women go in for serious dieting immediately post delivery. This must be avoided since once the dieting contingency is over, the flab will once again accumulate in the body. Losing fat in a gradual manner is the right approach to come back in original shape.

8. Relax


Putting on excess weight during pregnancy is natural and shedding the excess weight gained is not impossible. Shed pounds in a gradual way and allow your skin to get back to normalcy in a stress free manner. Remember, a healthy mind makes the body glow, in particular, the skin.

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