DIY Tips to make your own Makeup Removers

Tips to make Makeup Remover

Who doesn’t like to look good? Ask any female the importance of make up and you will get a never ending answer to it. After diamonds, make up is a girl’s best friend. It just makes us look more beautiful and that in turn, helps us to feel more confident about ourselves. But as much as we love to wear make up, it is also equally important to remove that make up off before going to bed at the end of the day. Since make up already contains chemicals, even in small portions, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make up own make up remover, in the comfort of our homes?
Here are a few DIY tips to make your own makeup removers

1. Use natural oils and milk

The biggest disadvantage of using ready-to-use make up removers or cleansers is that they tend to cause irritation if your skin is rough or dry. Some of them can even lead to premature ageing, as most of the make-up removers clam to be oil free. But a known fact is that it is oil that helps our skin remain supple and vibrant and gives it the youthful look. Hence, the best make up remover available at your home is oil. You can use olive oil, baby oil or coconut oil to wipe off the make-up off your face, especially eye make-up which tends to leave behind patches of mascara or eye liner.
Similarly, dip clean cotton in cold milk, preferably unpasteurized and wipe it all over your face to remove make up.

2. Yogurt

The next best ingredient available at home is yogurt. It helps moisturize the skin and helps with sunburns. Dip some clean cotton in yogurt and rub it all over face and rinse it off with cool water.

3. Baby shampoo

Another surprising ingredient that can be used to make your own make up remover is baby shampoo. Mix equal proportions of tear-free baby shampoo, baby oil and half the quantity of water. Dip clean cotton and use it to wipe the make-up off your face.

4. Extra Virgin olive oil and almond oil

Just as any other natural oils mentioned above, extra virgin olive oil and almond oil are great ingredients for eye make-up remover. Since eyes are delicate parts of our body and using rough wipes and harsh chemicals can cause irritation and dryness and even accelerate the formation of wrinkles, a natural eye make-up remover will be gentle on your eyes . Mix equal proportions of extra virgin olive oil and almond oil and rub it all over your face for a few minutes. Use cotton to wipe off your face. This method will not only remove make up naturally and gently off your face, it will massage and moisturize your face, giving it a replenished look.

Well, pick any one of these simple ingredients from the comfort of your home and save your skin from unwanted dryness and irritation.

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