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One of the many issues faced by many new mothers is lack of enough supply of their milk to be fed to the new born. While the new born is totally dependent on the Mother’s milk for his sustenance and health, the mother must produce enough milk that would quench her child’s hunger. Naturally produced mother’s milk is always better than the milk produced using artificial medications because artificial medications induced milk may cause harmful side effects to the baby. Here are some ways to increase milk supply in natural ways.

1. Quality sleep aids relaxation

Avoid getting tensed for anything that happens around you. Do not think too much. Remember, the mother’s health plays a significant role in keeping the baby healthy. If you skip food or sleep owing to stress, it may have a direct impact on your baby since such things decrease milk secretion. Quality sleep and relaxation boosts breast milk supply naturally.

2. Don’t stop feeding

Our body acts as a super brain when it comes to secretion of milk in mother. As you feed the baby the milk stock gets reduced. At this stage signals are transmitted for refilling the milk in mother. So, as many times the baby is fed, Mother’s milk gets secreted. When you stop feeding the baby for some reasons, milk production also stops. Feed the baby constantly to increase lactation in an automatic manner.

3. Do not fix time to feed

Feed the baby as many times a day as possible. Do not fix any specific time to feed the baby. By doing so, the milk will be produced for a constant supply naturally.

4. Eat nutritious foods

Be mindful about your diet because the food you eat determines the nutrition for your baby. Regularly add fruits and vegetables to your meals. It is your responsibility to give only the best to your child. Avoid unhealthy foods and drinks. All the healthy nutrients that you eat directly passes on through the mother’s milk to the child.

5. Pump out excess milk

Pump out excess milk in between feeding periods so fresh milk gets accumulated in the breasts. This helps in the increased secretion of milk also. Pumping action activates breasts cells stimulating the milk secreting agents. Ensure you pump out the milk at least once in a day so you do not feel the pain due to breast engorgement.

6. Feed the child Skin to skin

Feed the baby without wearing clothes particularly around the breasts. Let the child also be wearing only diaper when you feed during nights. This creates an in-depth emotional bond between the mother and the child.

7. Baby needs your milk…not toys

Babies usually ask what they want through gestures like waving their hand or refusing to accept what they do not want. Do not try to pacify your baby with toys or milk in the feeding bottle when he specifically asks for your milk. Every mother knows how a child asks for his mother’s milk. Avoid disappointing the little angel and feed him your milk.

8. Help him grasp your nipple

Many a times, the new born is unable to grasp his mother’s nipple for various reasons. Basically he does not know the act. Once he learns that when he holds and sucks your nipple his favorite milk comes out, he will automatically start repeating this act.

9. Feed equally with both breasts

Some women tend to feed the baby through one side since they feel comfortable. Feeding equally with both breasts help you avoid breast engorgement on one side. Equal flow and production of milk on both breasts will help baby get enough of his favorite milk.

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