8 Remedies to Grow Thick Eyebrows Naturally

grow thick eyebrows naturally

Eyebrows are something that changes your overall look of the face and personality as well. The shape and size of eyebrows depend on the facial cuttings. One should avoid using the excess thread on eyebrows if one really wants dense and thick eyebrows. Annoyed by thick eyebrows? Try one out of the following remedies to grow thick eyebrows naturally:

1. Aloe Vera gel for thick eyebrows

Moisturizing properties of the Aloe Vera helps in growing hair faster and thicker. Get Aloe Vera pulp and apply it on eyebrows for 30 minutes. Alternatively, add honey or few drops of coconut oil in the Aloe Vera gel. Apply the mixture on eyebrows and leave it for half an hour. Simply, rinse it off with the lukewarm water.

2. Olive oil to grow eyebrows

Olive oil is natural nourishing product full of vitamin E. Apart from easily growing the eyebrows thick, olive oil also helps in keeping eyebrow black-hued. Take lukewarm olive oil on fingertips and apply on the eyebrows. Let it rest as it is for the whole night. Rinse it off next morning.

Alternatively, add honey in olive oil and massage it for five minutes. Keep it for thirty minutes to dry and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

3. Coconut oil to develop eyebrows

Apply lukewarm coconut oil on the eyebrows at the night, and rinse it off in the next morning with the help of lukewarm water. Work on this idea for one or two months regularly to meet the desired results.

4. Use Vaseline to raise thick eyebrows

Take Vaseline on fingertips and apply gently on and around the area of eyebrows. Repeat the process two or three times a day for effective and early results. Vaseline moisturizes the area, and consequently, eyebrows grow faster.

5. Get thicker eyebrows by using lemon

Lemon promotes the hair growth. Rub lemon slice on the eyebrows gently for few minutes and clean the area with fresh water. Alternatively, add coconut oil in the lemon drops to get the shine in growing eyebrows. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for next two hours after using this remedy.

6. Fenugreek seeds to grow thick eyebrows

Soak fenugreek seeds for few hours. Make a thick paste of soaked seeds by grinding the same. Add coconut or almond oil. Apply the mixture on the eyebrows for few hours. Clean the area with the warm water in the morning. Try this idea for two or three times a day for at least one month for the better results.

7. Castor oil for thick eyebrows

Take castor oil in a bowl and soak fresh cotton in it. Apply the soaked cotton on both the eyebrows and rub it gently for few minutes. Let it rest for few hours and rinse the eyebrows with the lukewarm water.

8. Egg yolk to acquire thick eyebrows

Separate the yolk from the egg and beat it properly until your get the soft and creamy texture. Apply it on eyebrows with the help of cotton and keep it for at least 15 minutes. After drying the applied paste, remove it with the cold water.

Perfect eyebrows redefine the face. So, choose the eyebrow style according to the facial demands. Accentuate your overall look with the above-mentioned home remedies by growing your eyebrows naturally.

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