7 Tips to Relief Breast Engorgement Postpartum

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Engorgement is a painful experiences that women undergo when excess milk gets collected in the breasts after child birth. Excess collection of milk happens when the newly born child doesn’t suck the milk for various reasons. Engorged breasts feel so heavy that it causes severe pain in women. While help from domestic sources or intervention from the medical arena help in such circumstances, we provide below some tips to relief breast engorgement effectively.[Pregnancy Tips for Natural Delivery]


1. Feed the Child as Frequently as Possible

 New born babies do not know to suck milk from the breasts. This is the main reason for milk accumulation in the breasts resulting in engorgement. Teach the child to suck milk so excess milk doesn’t load the breasts causing pain.


2. Breast Pumps help


When the child feels full and the breasts are still engorged, use breast pumps available for the purpose in all drug stores. It may initially be a little bit painful. Use breast pumps only when the pain is unbearable and the baby refuses firmly to suck.


3. Pump in a Limited Manner

Pump out only to the limited extent so your pain decreases. Do not waste too much of that healthy milk which the child deserves. Ensure enough milk is available to feed the child lest everything is pumped out and the child is deprived of the same. Remember, pumping out too much of milk damages the cells and tissues present in the breast muscles


4. Use Feeding Bras to feed the Baby


The size of the brassieres used by the mother post delivery matters a lot. Wearing wrong size brassieres can worsen breast engorgement increasing the pain. Go for brassieres that are not very tight to reduce pain in the engorged breasts. Use feeding bras when you feed the child so that you do not have to touch your breast.


5. Wear Comfortable Dresses

 Avoid wearing dresses that are either too tight or too loose. While wearing tight dresses increase the pain caused due to the engorgement, wearing loose dresses may let your breasts hang causing friction. This may worsen the engorgement related issues.


6. Cold and Heat Treatments

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 Massage the engorged breasts gently with ice cubes or a towel dipped in cold water. If you feel this can lead to fits, massage the engorged breasts with lukewarm water. By releasing the solidification effect on the breasts, it reduces engorgement providing relief from the pain caused.


7. Use Breast Pads

When the breasts are engorged, not only do they create pain but also leak milk continuously. In order to manage milk leakage from engorged breasts use breast pads available for the purpose in all the drug stores. Disposable breast pads are more hygienic than reusable ones. Such pads provide good relief by absorbing the leaking milk and reducing itchiness caused due to the same.

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