6 Unknown Reasons for increased Hair Growth During Pregnancy

hair growth-pregnancy
Pregnancy is a wonderful medical condition which brings in many psychological changes in women. It makes a lot of changes in the physical aspect which causes confusions and fears in the mind of the pregnant woman. One such physiological change that happens in women during pregnancy is the increased hair growth in the woman’s body. Here are some probable reasons for increased hair growth during pregnancy.

1. Secretion of Androgen

During the first trimester, Androgen hormones secrete in such high levels that hair grows faster in the pregnant woman’s body. Since secretion of hormones during pregnancy is a crucial and unavoidable process, hair growth happens in an automatic manner in pregnant women. Avoid doing anything to control hormonal changes since it may lead to unwanted complications.


2. Secretion of Progesterone

Another hormone that secretes in high levels during pregnancy in women is Progesterone. This hormone is essential for the good health of the mother and the child. Progesterone stimulates the hair follicles all over the body and makes hair grow faster than normal in pregnant women. This is a natural process during pregnancy and so is not under anyone’s control.


3. Vitamin Medicines


Regular intake of vitamins recommended by the Medical Practitioner, for the goodness of the mother and the child may be one of the reasons for the excessive hair growth in women during pregnancy. Ensure you do not compromise on your Vitamin intake to avoid growth of hair during pregnancy since these vitamins are required for proper growth of the child


4. Healthy Food Habits

Pregnancy creates the necessity for the women to eat food items that are highly nutritious in nature. This nutrition which is the basic requirement for the baby’s growth may be the reason for the excess hair growth in pregnant women during pregnancy.


5. Folic Acid

Folic acid is administered on the pregnant women during pregnancy since it is highly important for the mother as well as the baby. Folic acid generally facilitates hair growth and this may be one of the reasons for the excessive hair growth in pregnant women.


6. Very little Physical Activity


As per a recent study, the sedentary life style during pregnancy increases the growth of hair in pregnant women. If you want to avoid more hair growing on your body while you are pregnant, ensure you have an active life style during pregnancy.

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