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The end of pregnancy is the birth of a cute baby. How this beautiful baby comes into this world has been a great thriller through the ages. While advancements in the medical field is an indisputable fact, tracking what happens inside the physical body of the mother is just impossible. This unpredictability of the nature of delivery and date of delivery has been a key concern earlier as well as now. However, all these hindrances and varying conditions cannot deter us from trying for a natural delivery. We provide here some tips for inducing labor pain in a natural and safe manner.

1. Pineapple Helps Quick Delivery

pineapple-anti inflammatory food

Bromelain, the enzyme present in Pineapple makes the cervix soft to quicken labor pains. Check with your Doctor and ensure you eat pineapple particularly when the anticipated delivery date is knocking at your doors.

2. Eat Fiber Rich Foods


Constipation is a must avoid situation during pregnancy. Particularly when the due date is near, ensure you eat fiber rich food such as spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts so that you do not constipate. This will help the baby to move down causing contraction which is essential for a normal delivery. [TOP 10 HEALTHY FOODS TO EAT WHILE PREGNANT]

3. Exercise Regularly

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Regularly exercise and also ensure you do your regular chores that keep your body active. Physical activities are the ones which soften all required muscles in the hips providing strength to the mother to bear the excruciating labor pains. Soft muscles are important for contraction and retention of the labor pain.

4. Avoid Eating Spicy Foods


Consuming food items that are highly spicy may cause havoc to the digestive system resulting in constipation. [PRUNE JUICE TO RELIVE CONSTIPATION DURING PREGNANCY] When you avoid spicy foods, digestive system performs in the best possible manner and releases Prostaglandins which in turns causes contraction in the Uterus muscles.

5. Castor Oil

The laxative property of Castor oil easily brings about the labor pains with very little efforts by all concerned. Ensure that you take Castor oil internally, if required, but only under the supervision of qualified experts.

6. Cumin Water Helps


Drinking water boiled with cumin seeds is an age old way to bring labor pains in the mother. Boil water adding Cumin Seeds and drink when it is still hot. This speeds up the frequency of the labor pain enabling quick delivery.


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