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Some physical ailments make us more tiring than others through their after effects. One such ailment is Insomnia. Insomnia is a very irritating condition where the person is unable to get proper sleep The ill effects of Insomnia haunt us throughout the following day hampering our normal activities in a significant manner. While Insomnia is an unmanageable state even for people with normal health, think about pregnant women. Pregnancy is a stage when a woman undergoes a lot of physical and mental changes. When affected by insomnia, all these physical and mental changes become a huge burden on them. Here are some natural remedies for managing insomnia during pregnancy. PREGNANCY TIPS FOR NORMAL DELIVERY

1. Exercise

Consult your Doctor and do all those exercises in the prescribed manner regularly. Avoid working out in an excessive manner. Exercise sufficient enough to make tired so that you win over Insomnia and sleep well.

2. Food Habits

Eating nutritious food is the key to good sleep and health during pregnancy. Maintain regular food habits so that your body gets acclimatized to the pattern. Check with your Doctor for food habits that would help you sleep well during nights and win over your Insomnia.10 FOODS TO EAT DURING PREGNANCY

3. Attract Sleep

There are certain simple ways to induce sleep. Eat well in advance before your bed time. Go for a brief walk in an open space for 10 to 20 minutes. While you walk, enjoy the atmosphere and breather fresh air. Lie down at least half an hour in advance and stretch your body completely. This will help you avoid twisting and tossing during nights. Avoid using mobile phones and other modern gadgets that can drive sleep away from you.

4. Relax


Refuse to get tensed up. Relax as often as possible doing meditation and Yoga exercises. Deep breathing helps a lot. Consult an expert to understand about exercises like Plank, poses of children and locust etc. that will help you relax. Practice them regularly. Remember, a relaxed mind allows you to sleep quickly.

5. Sleep where you feel like Sleeping

Many a times, change of place or accessories hinders peaceful sleeping. Sleep in the room where you sleep on a regular basis. Ensure you have all those accessories with you (like your favorite teddy bear you hug) when you go to sleep.

6. Sleep in Positions that are Comforting and Safe

During pregnancy you may get free advises on the best sleeping positions from almost every other woman. Check with your Doctor on the best position to sleep which will be safe for the mother and baby. Generally, sleeping on the sides is advisable since it provides a lot of comfort.

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