6 Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

natural remedies for hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are those swollen blood vessels fond in the rectum region of a pregnant woman. While some Hemorrhoids are small in size some are as big as a grape. Hemorrhoids cause pain and itchiness and when not attended to at the right time, results in heavy bleeding. Hemorrhoids is a medical condition prevalent more so in the third trimester in pregnant women and vanishes away automatically after the delivery of the child. Below are some of the Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy.[Pregnancy Tips for Natural Delivery]

1. Keep away from Constipation

Strain in the bowel region due to constipation is one major aspect that can cause Hemorrhoids or aggravate the existing Hemorrhoids. Consuming food items that are rich in fiber and going in for a stool softener recommended by your Doctor are ways to keep away from getting constipated.


2. Avoid Suppressing Toilet Urgency

Containing the desire or need to peeing or urinating results in putting pressure on the bowel area. This pressure aggravates Hemorrhoids causing pain and uneasiness. Free toilet habits save you from discomforts cause by Hemorrhoids.


3. Exercise Helps

Focus on doing exercises that would strengthen the muscles around the Vagina, urethra and anus regions. Kegels and aerobic exercises help in toning the muscles in these areas reducing the risk of getting Hemorrhoids. Learn how to do these exercises properly by taking expert advice from your Doctor.


4. Avoid Sedentary Life Style


 Ensure you do a lot of physical activities not only in the form of exercises but also in the form of day to day chores. Sitting or sleeping for a long time particularly leaning towards your right side may cause Hemorrhoids by blocking the blood flow through the rectal veins.


5. Make Use of Hemorrhoid Relief Products

Use Witch Hazel tissues and soft white colored unscented toilet tissues available in the pharmacies to clean the rectal area. Soaking your rectal area alternatively in warm and cold water for 15 minutes a day will help you feel relieved from Hemorrhoids. Using ice packs to cool the rectal area after each and every Bowel movement also helps. Check with your Medical Practitioner before using Hemorrhoid relief products since one wrong product or usage may worsen Hemorrhoid symptoms.


6. Bioflavonoids help manage Hemorrhoids

There are three different kinds of compounds found in citrus fruits namely Diosmi, Hesperidins and Oxerutins. Citrus fruits that are rich in these compounds are Oranges and Lemons. These help in controlling the discomfort and pain caused due to excessive bleeding at times when Hemorrhoid flairs up. Go in for a consultation with your Doctor and get the best advice pertaining to using Bioflavonoids.

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