7 Natural Reliefs for Sore Breasts in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stage when hormonal changes cause variations in physical and medical parameters in women. One such condition is the soreness in breasts. When blood flowing to the breasts gets faster, breasts get swollen hence making the skin sore. In some women breasts become so sore that pain is felt in those areas, while some women just feel the heaviness. Here are some tips to have quick relief from sore breasts in natural ways.


1. Cool Down the Sore Breasts

Sore breasts cause so much of heat in women that it becomes unbearable to withstand the pain. Cooling down the breasts then becomes important. Keep a piece of cold cabbage on the breasts directly or inside the brassieres. Gently massage ice cubes on the breasts whenever you feel the heat. Place a cold cloth or flannel on the breasts if possible. This will help reduce the soreness as well as swelling in an easy manner.


2. Keep Yourself Well Hydrated


One main reason for the breasts getting swollen and sore is the retention of unwanted fluids by the body. Drink plenty of water which will in turn flush out the unwanted fluids out of the system. Fresh juices also help to keep the skin healthy so you don’t feel the itching sensation caused by sore skin.


3. Treat With Warm Water

 One of the best treatments available for sore breasts is treating it with warmth. Take a warm water shower caressing your breasts in circular movements. Massage your breasts gently using a towel immersed in warm water. These are proven ways to get rid of sore breasts. However, if warm water treatment increases pain caused due to soreness, avoid using this method.


4. Do not Touch your Breasts Often

 Avoid handling breasts frequently since touching the skin worsens the soreness in the breasts. Do not disturb your breasts for any other reasons other than for taking bath and moisturizing them.


5. Use Good Moisturizers



Do not allow your breasts to dry out due to heat or any other reasons. Apply moisturizers whenever you feel the dryness. Retaining the skin moisturized helps you get rid of soreness. Remember, a healthy skin helps you manage the situation easily.


6. Wear Brassieres During Nights


While removing inner is advised during many situations, wearing it is advised when you are suffering from sore breasts in particular. Inner wear heals sore breasts by limiting their movements when you toss and turn during your sleep reducing the friction.


7. Medicines are Available


If none of the natural ways works out, take the advice of your Doctor and follow his recommendations. Medicines available for the purpose reduces soreness in the breasts providing relief from the pain or heat.

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