Health Benefits of Avocado – Solutions of many diseases

health benefits of avocado

Health Benefits of Avocado, the world’s healthiest fruit isĀ  very rich in healthy fats. It has powerful beneficial effects and can reduce risk of many diseases in long term.

You should add avocados in sandwiches and salads.

1. Recommended for lowering Blood Pressure


Very good for people suffering from High Blood Pressure as it is high in potassium which can dilute extra sodium (main cause of BP) in your body.
2. Good in fiber


As avocados are good in fiber content,they help in reducing weight.

3. Helps prevent cancer and can lower the side effects of chemotherapy.

4. Good for eyes


It can reduce the risk of many eye diseases.

5. Help in reducing stiffness and joint pains.

6. It lowers cholesterol.

7. Helps in Curing Diabetes


It helps in blood sugar control.

8. It helps in absorbing nutrients from other foods in our body and can help in digestive system.

2 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Avocado – Solutions of many diseases

  1. Hi..
    I didn’t know avacado has so many benefits.. I have it in milkshake.. it is very creamy and gives a thick consistency to the milkshake.. I will try to increase avacado intake,,

  2. Yes.. It is a wonder fruit.. loaded with ample benefits.. I made avacodo chutney and have it with sandwiches and chapathi.. It is very filling too..

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