foods that cause bloating
Bloating occurs when excess quantity of gas or water is present in the body. It may also occur when the food is not chewed properly or when you consume increased amounts of calories on a regular basis. Chewing food properly can prevent gas problems as well as bloating. Further, eating portion-controlled meals which contain more whole-grain foods and monounsaturated fats can prevent bloating and make you look slimmer. Here is the list of foods that cause bloating.

1. Sugar

sugar causes bloating

Sweets and desserts offer nothing but a ton of calories. If you want to lose tummy fat and reduce bloating, the primary thing you ought to do is eliminate fatty and sugary foods from your diet.

2. Salt

salt causes bloating

Eating foods that are high in salt content can make you feel puffy and bloated. Salt is always hidden in processed foods to improve their taste, even though the foods don’t really taste “salty”. By reducing the salt intake, you can surely get rid of the water retention and significantly reduce several inches around your belly. [TIPS TO LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE WITHOUT MEDICATION]

3. Aerated Drinks

soft drink cause bloating

A can of aerated drink contains 150 empty calories. For many, drinking soft drinks is a programmed part of lunch or supper. By substituting soda with water, you can drop several calories from your diet and look leaner. [SOFT DRINK DANGERS | AVOID SODA & CARBONATED DRINKS]

4. Oily Foods

oily food causes bloating

Snacks like fried items and pretzels are fine if taken in moderation. But like candies, they are high on calories and low on nutrients. You can substitute oily food with fruits or nuts and drop unhealthy calories from your diet in order to achieve that hour glass figure.

5. Refined Carbohydrates

rice cause bloating

White carbs like white rice, white bread and cereals can lead to fat storage in the gut. Substitutes like brown rice, brown bread, and wheat pasta are rich in fiber and better at counteracting fat-creating sugar surges. By reducing the intake of white carbs, you can surely get rid of excess weight and get a toned body.

6. Liquor

alcohol cause bloating

Liquor can build craving and lower hindrances, making it hard to resist fatty food temptations which can cause significant weight gain. Balance is the key. You can stick to just one drink every day to stay away from unhealthy food cravings.

7. Processed Meats

processed meat cause bloating

Processed meats like sausages, hot dogs and other red meats are high in fat content and are sure to cause bloating and digestive problems. You can significantly improve your health and reduce bloating by eliminating the processed red meats from your diet.


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