How to Control Your Food Cravings for Weight Loss?

Trying to lose weight? But still fail! Why? You can’t stop your hunger, your craving towards the delicious chocolate chips, scrumptious ice cream, crispy and mouthwatering potato chips. Here’s a way out! You can control your food cravings by following these tips. These ways to control your food cravings for weight loss is really a good approach to control your growing belly!

1. Replace your Temptations

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You crave for the food you eat a lot. So try to replace that food. By doing this you will abate your old cravings. But irrefutable the initial few days are always the hardest. However, the longer you try to keep away from the trigger foods, the less likely you are to have them. You can best replace your any of the unhealthy trigger foods with a healthy, fresh fruit. This will add a bonus to your diet.

2. Digress Yourself


This is in fact a good and positive way to control your food cravings. Try to digress yourself, grab your favorite book, go to your friend’s house, or hangout for a gym. Cravings generally last for about 10 minutes. Attempt to reminisce it and you can divert your mind.

3. Quaff Water


Thirst is over and over confused with hunger or food cravings. So whenever you feel a longing for a particular food, drink lots of water and wait for a moment or two. You will then realize that your food craving wanes away. This is because your body was indeed thirsty. You can also check Top 7 Best Foods to lose Weight

4. Take a Nap


Improper sleep affects your appetite and increases your food cravings. Sleep deprived people are more liable to turn out to be obese than people who take enough sleep. So go round your bedroom, have a nap and re-energize yourself. This is the easy way to control your food craving.

5. Eat with others

Whenever you plan to go ahead to control your food cravings, eat with the people who support your efforts for losing weight. This is the best ways to control your food cravings. By this way you get motivation and support from your loved ones.

6. Avoid Confronting Your Food

As a fact, the more you face your favorite food the more you desire that food. Try to confront it. Question yourself whether you must actually eat the food that just popped into your brain. Create your own questions such as, “does this food helps me lose weight? , Does this food manipulate my weight loss efforts?”. Say to yourself that you can easily control your food cravings. This will help you to stay away from it.

7. Eat Your Food on Time


Eating food on time is a good and friendly ways to control your food cravings. Hunger is one of the reasons that give way to food cravings. So try not to stay hungry. This will even help you stay healthy. But if you feel hungry between meals, go for a healthy snack, fruits, veggies and nuts. If you are a non vegetarian, then you can follow this Weight loss Diet Plan.


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