9 Facts About Molar Pregnancy You Should Be Aware Of

Molar Pregnancy Facts

Every woman eagerly waits to experience pregnancy. She wants herself to be identified as a mother. She yearns for a child to call her ‘Mother’. But if it happens that the news is not about pregnancy but Molar Pregnancy, it is the toughest thing to handle by the woman as well as people around her. Molar pregnancy is an abnormal form of pregnancy in which a non-viable fertilized egg implants in the uterus and will fail to come to term. Here are some invaluable facts you must know about Molar Pregnancy.

1. Immediate diagnosis is important

Go in for a checkup as soon as you see vaginal spotting or bleeding during the initial months. High HCG levels during the initial stages of pregnancy also call for an immediate checkup. The first trimester is the best period to diagnose such anomalies using Ultra Sound

2. If diagnosed as a Molar…..

After taking an Ultra sound if it is ascertained that it is a molar pregnancy, ensure the same is aborted completely without leaving any traces of the same. Not aborting a molar on time may lead to cancer.

3. Go in for periodical checkups

Going in for regular health checkups after aborting the molar is absolutely important. Do not miss any checkups recommended by your Gynecologist. Till your Doctor is confident about your health condition periodical checkups are important.

4. The next pregnancy….

Molars do not show out the second time and resides inside in a silent manner. It becomes utmost important to consult your Doctor before getting pregnant after aborting a Molar the first time. Check with your Doctor for a big nod so you are safe to become pregnant again.

5. Check HCG levels regularly

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) tests are absolute necessities after aborting a Molar pregnancy. Check with your Doctor on the periodicity to take this test. Go in for every test so that your Doctor is able to guide you through your next pregnancy in a thorough manner.

 6. Plan to change your Doctor?

While going with the same Doctor or changing the Doctor is an individual’s choice depending on situations, ensure the Doctor you go for Consultation is aware of the Molar pregnancy history completely. This will guide the Doctor to take enough precautions during your next pregnancy be it in recommending medicines or tests for you.

7. Food habits and medication for other ailments

Ensure your Gynecologist is fully aware of your food habits and other medications you are getting administered on or any type of pre-existing ailments. This will help your Doctor to decide on the course of medication to be administered on you so your post molar pregnancy abortion health is properly taken care of.

8. Symptoms show out

Bleeding while pregnant is a common but medically unhealthy condition. But vaginally discharging bubbles that look pinkish white grape in colour is a warning that you need to seek immediate medical attention.

 9. Go in for Anomaly Tests

Ascertaining from your Gynecologist during every checkup if the tissues inside your Uterus appear like a Mole or Fetus is of high importance. Do this even if you have no symptoms of a Molar during your next pregnancy.

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