8 Complications & Treatment in Pregnancy After 40

pregnancy after 40

Times may change and so does women’s way of thinking. Majority of women who belonged to yesteryears seems to have shown high levels of realistic thinking despite being illiterates. Today, the high education and exposure levels make women feel and live an independent life. This desire to achieve things in life before settling down in the family sometimes appears to be a grave decision, particularly with child bearing. When women get pregnant after 40 years, a lot of complications arise during pregnancy and post pregnancy. We provide here some information on such complications and treatment in case of pregnancy after 40.


The abnormality in the chromosomes in the eggs of women who become pregnant after 40 years gives high scope for miscarriage in women. While your Doctor might make you aware of this fact, understand about the precautions that may help you manage the situation in a safe manner.

Gestational diabetes

This is a form of Diabetes that is traceable in pregnant women only during almost the third trimester. Gestational Diabetes is caused due to the low levels of Insulin secretion in the Mother’s body. Ensure you check with your Gynecologist periodically about this aspect to be on the safe side.

Preterm delivery

Generally referred to as premature birth, preterm delivery is more prone in pregnancy after 40. Since the delivery is pre term, the growth of the baby is not complete in most of the cases, posing a risk during delivery time. Complications with may include immature lungs, difficulty regulating body temperature, poor feeding, and slow weight gain of the baby. Preterm babies may need longer or more intense nursery care, medications, and sometimes surgery.


Eclampsia is a condition when the pregnant women experience more convulsions during the pregnancy term. It may be caused even by other pre-existing ailments prevalent in pregnant women who get pregnant after 40 years of age. It is better to keep your Gynecologist informed about any pre-existing ailment you suffer so the Doctor can take required precautions.


This is a state which acts as the main reason for pre-term delivery in women. Pre-Eclampsia is caused in women when they experience hypertension during pregnancy. It is more prevalent in women getting pregnant after 40 years of age.


Women who get pregnant after 40 years of age have high chances of giving birth to still baby during delivery. Check with your Doctor if Labor Pain can be induced a few weeks in advance so at least a safe delivery is possible.

Placenta problems

Age takes a toll on Placenta making it weak to handle the tough delivery situations. A young placenta safely handles the delivery rigors while an aged Placenta faces medical issues. Placenta problems are more prevalent in women who get pregnant post 40 years of age.

Autism Babies

Studies show that risk of mental disorders like autism increases in children with fathers aged 50 and older or with wives at least 11 years younger than their husbands. It is because as males grow older, rate of genetic mutations passed on via sperm cells increases significantly leading to increase in risk of psychiatric disorders. Check with your Gynecologist if this is a fact in your case and take required precautionary measures well in advance.


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