How to Build Muscles – 7 Effective Isotonic Exercises for Men

isotonics exercise
There are many kinds of exercises. Some exercises tone muscles while some strengthen the bones. Some helps shed weight and some gain weight in specific parts of the body. Exercises that tone the muscles are known isotonic exercises. These exercises tone the muscles in an equal manner justifying the reason for their name. We present here some Isotonic exercises which offer excellent value to your body when done regularly. Consult an expert Trainer and do those workouts that best suit your health.

Squats to Build Muscles

Squats are full body compound exercise that works out almost all the muscles in the body. It is considered as the king of all exercises Squat burns fat effectively and strengthen the muscles while improving the overall fitness of the body.


Interval Training

Performing physical exercises with changed intensity levels is termed as interval training. These exercises can be anything from running, walking, jogging to dancing done in differing high or low intensities. Such intensity changing motivates those people who regularly procrastinate exercising for the tediousness it offers.

Walking is the Simplest One

Walking is the simplest of exercises offering the maximum of benefits out of all exercises. Slow walking or speed walking each offer their own set of benefits to health strengthening the body and toning the muscles.

Push Ups


Push up is a basic exercise with multiple variations. Beginners should choose the type based on the muscle focused. It strengthens the right muscles in the body without having to use any equipment of any sort.

Dumb Bell Curls

isotonic exercises

Basically a resistance exercise, performing this workout in the correct manner will help toning the muscles on focus to the desired levels. Doing this work out in a proper manner also helps avoid injuries to muscles.

Lunges For Muscle Growth

Lunges are workouts that specifically target to tone to muscles in the rear side of the legs. When done correctly, the rear muscles in the legs get tightened and toned up projecting you masculine. Do it in rapid pace to avoid causing strain to the legs and lower back.

Bent Over Row

Barbell row is termed as Bent over row. This workout tones multiple back muscles and gels well when done jointly with Bench press. While strengthening the upper back, it also works out the core to maximum best possible extent. This results in providing good posture to the body in an overall manner. Care must be taken to do this work out in the perfect manner, otherwise it may cause injury to the posture.

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