4 Secret Ways To Boost Your Baby’s IQ

boost baby iq
Motherhood no doubt is such a precious state but being a mother is the toughest thing in the world. Being a mother means dealing with so much of mental pressure and juggling between responsibilities for the various relationships around.  Her child is her world and everything else remains outside this world. When something goes wrong in this world, she just gets out of everything else only to set this world right again. Babies whose IQ levels are below average causes attitudinal and behavioral issues. Behavioral issues pertaining to adamant, harshness could be witnessed right from early stages. Babies may show tendencies of irritation and seeking others’ attention in particular that of the Mother. Such behavioral and attitudinal issues could be avoided if the child is taken good care of in the initial stages of his life. This will also help boost the intelligent quotient levels. Here are some secret ways to boost your baby’s IQ levels.

Talk with the Baby


Children talk more than adults. In fact, children listen more than adults. Keep talking to the infant and talk with him about subjects related to him. For instance, when you talk to him about his toys or his feeding bottle, he recognizes instantly instead of talking about your plans for the forthcoming get together. Respond to his sweet nothings. He hears to you as well as enjoys your response to his giggles.

Read Out Books for the Baby


Read out books with pictures of objects that is currently out of the child’s world. Read out each and every line in the book slowly emphasizing the pictures and creating nice sounds. Patiently read out from the beginning again and again even if it means repetition. It will be a pleasure for the baby to guess the next page as well as for you when you witness him enjoy even before your turn page leaf. This means the child’s memory skills are improving and this will take him a long way when he grows up too. This will increase his IQ levels to a great extent. Probably this is why many generations have been growing up hearing grandma’s stories during the bed time.

Finger Talk with the Baby


Sign language is one of the oldest languages which was used by mankind before any verbal languages evolved. Many researches prove that children who had experienced sign language during the early stages of their life were high in IQ and spoke earlier than the normal children. As we say, actions speak more than words, speak to the child waving your hands and moving your fingers. You will be delighted to see the little infant move his eye balls in the direction of your fingers.

Breast Feed the Baby

While our grandmothers and elders at home kept insisting to breast feed the baby, some of us might have been reluctant to do so for the fear of losing our beauty. Today, after performing multiple researches, science also insists mothers to breast feed babies. Breast fed babies are found to be high in IQ levels than babies who were bottle fed with formula drinks in terms of their motor and cognitive abilities when they reached their teens.

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