BlackHeads on Face and Nose

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Home Remedies to Remove BlackHeads

What Causes BlackHeads

Usually our skin tends to be soft due to Sebum an oil produced by the sebaceous gland in the hair follicles. When the skin cells die for various external and internal reasons, the dead cells mixed with the Sebum oil forms bumps called Comedones on the skin. When the skin that forms the outer layer of these bumps gets exposed to the air, it tends to look dark black and these are usually referred to as BlackHeads.


Factors which increase Formation of BlackHeads

Black heads normally forms in the arms, shoulders, neck, chest and back and tend to be black in color. Some factors that cause Black Heads are

  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Some medicines consumed for certain ailments
  3. Non-shedding of dead skin cells which causes irritation to the hair follicles
  4. Formation of acne due to bacterial infections
  5. Too much of oil production by the body


Types of Treatment for BlackHead Extraction

1. Medications

Many modern medicines both prescribed as well as non-prescription are available for Black Head removal. Such medicines helps you get rid of Black Heads by making the skin drop dead cells, drying down the excess of oil in the skin and working on the bacterial infection on the skin. Consult your Dermatologist before getting self administered on any type of medication which may sometimes worsen the problem or lead to newer issues.


2. Round Loop Extractor

Dermatologists can be of big help to extract the Black Heads on your skin with the help of a Round Loop Extractor. The extractor makes a tiny opening on the skin. The Dermatologist then makes you get rid of the clog by exerting pressure using the Black Head extractor.


3. Microdermabrasion

This is a process in which the Dermatologist rubs on the topmost layer of the black head area on the skin cleaning away the clogs that has caused the Black Heads.


4. Chemical Solutions

In this process, a chemical solution is applied on the skin by the Dermatologist. After some time, making the clean skin underneath visible the top layer of the skin peels away. Check with your Dermatologist before applying Soft skin peels that are available in Drug Stores across counter to save your skin from any unwanted side effects.


5. Skin Therapies

Skin therapies use laser and light beam to get rid of the bacteria and excess oil that creates Black Heads. These therapies work on the inner layers of the skin to remove Black Heads completely without causing any damage to the outer layer of the skin.

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  1. This blog is so informative. I too have the ugly blackheads.. Have tried almost everything from scrubs to face packs.. cant seem to get rid of them

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