9 Health Benefits of Walnut on Health, Hair & Skin

benefits of walnut
Do you know what are the benefits of eating walnut?

Walnut is one of those dry fruits that have the maximum wrinkles in the nut category. Naturally stored in a hard shell, this edible seed is found as two halves inside the shell. Sufficiently rich in nutrition, Walnut has nearly 30% of fat and surprisingly zero percent of cholesterol. Considered as one the world’s healthiest foods, Walnuts are of different types like the Persian Walnuts, English Walnuts and all other Walnuts termed as Common Walnuts. Researches highlight the innumerable benefits Walnut offers to healthy skin and heart. Here are some value additions Walnut gives to your health, when consumed regularly on a day to day basis.

Helps in weight management

Walnut is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and proteins, which contributes a lot to the weight management. Walnut has been proven as an effective snack to help people reduce weight in a gradual and consistent manner. Add Walnuts to your diet plan and elicit maximum benefit out of the same to shed weight in an effective and easy manner.

Improves sleep

Melatonin, a chemical found in Walnuts communicates information pertaining to darkness and light to the human body. This chemical is already present in our bodies and so is not a new element to the physical system. By enhancing this function of the body, Walnuts induce sleep in people in an effective manner. This nut is a boon particularly for all those people who suffer from lack of sleep or sleep related disorders.

Good food for hair

Walnut is packed with Vitamin B7, the nutrition required for healthy hair growth. It helps in hair growth by strengthening the existing hair and maintaining the same in a healthy manner. Consume this nut rich in Biotin and flaunt your long healthy hair.

Keeps Diabetes away

Eating Walnuts at least two times a week tends to keep Diabetes at a distance both in men and women. Add this wonder nut to your every day diet and be at a safe distance away from Diabetes.

Combats Heart Disease

The huge presence of antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty Acids in Walnut combats effectively in preventing heart diseases. Walnut increases the good cholesterol in the body while lowering down the bad one. This working mechanism of Walnut helps to maintain the heart in a healthy manner.

Good for skin

The antioxidants and B vitamin present in Walnuts helps in skin maintenance. Eating Walnuts regularly makes your skin glow by preventing ageing signs and wrinkles. Give your middle age an extension by eating Walnuts regularly.

Distance out Dementia

Walnut is abundantly rich in flavanoids and Vitamin E. This causes amazing improvement in learning and memory skills. It also helps to effectively control the emotional aspects and physical movements, working on the destructive elements that cause the much dreaded Dementia.

Reduce Pancreatic & Breast Cancer risk

Regular intake of Walnuts reduces the risk of getting affected by pancreatic and breast cancer. Consume Walnuts at least 4 to 5 times a week and be out of fear of getting affected by these deadly forms of cancer.

Relieves stress

Mental stress is one of the common problem faced by many today. High stress levels debilitate people to such an extent that their physical as well as emotional health goes for a toss. Walnut is affluent in Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, alpha linolenic acids and unsaturated fatty acids, which fights with stress creating factors in the body and provides relief from stress. 

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